Making Var_Dumps Beautiful

Complex var_dumps are hard to read unless you do extra work to format them. This chrome extension does that work for you, and turns nasty var_dumps into something much more beautifull

object(ExampleObject)#1 (8) { ["ExtensionName"]=> string(15) "Var_Masterpiece" ["AuthorName"]=> string(12) "Philip Reasa" ["ExtensionAbilities"]=> array(4) { ["Tree Nesting Structure"]=> array(3) { ["Arbitrary Debpth?"]=> string(4) "Yup!" ["Expanding and Collapsing?"]=> string(7) "You bet" ["Associative Arrays?"]=> string(13) "Apperantly :P" } [0]=> string(31) "Custimizable Data Type Coloring" [1]=> string(18) "Automatically Runs" [2]=> string(28) "Selectivly Run Within A Page" } ["GitHub"]=> string(49) "Contribute here:" ["TestBooleans"]=> bool(true) ["TestInts"]=> int(1) ["TestFloats"]=> float(3.14) ["TestNulls"]=> NULL }